Warframe Toroid Farming Guide

“A device of undetermined function and origin. Prized by Vox Solaris and the Quill”

Warframe Toroids are necessary for building the Warframe Garuda. To rank in the Vox Solaris syndicate, there are three different types of Toroids which you need in the Warframe: Sola, Calda, and Vega. If you are the one who is looking to farm Warframe Toroid, then this guide will help you with it. In this guide, I’ve provided the best locations to farm toroid on your gameplay.

Warframe Toroid

Warframe Toroid is one of the rare resources that can be obtained from the opponents or in Orb Vallis (Caves). Warframe Toroid resource is used to get the components of Warframe Baruuk, Garuda, and Hildryn.

Types of Toroid

  •  Vega Toroid
  •  Calda Toroid
  •  Sola Toroid
  •  Crisma Toroid
  •  Lazulite Toroid

How to Farm Warframe Toroid - Vega Toroid

Vega Toroid can be acquired by defeating the enemies around the Spaceport. The spaceport has 1 percentage of chance to obtain Warframe Toroid from the Mite Raknoids. However, a player should battle against the Exploiter Orb to obtain a large number of Mite Raknoids during the first battle.

Warframe Toroid

Mite Raknoid

The Mite Raknoid is a green Raknoid Corpus that is found in a group of three on the Orb Vallis. It randomly spawns and dangles from the ceiling of the cave or under the parasol of the Orb Vallis fungi. The Mite Raknoid will attack the large to medium ranges either by jumping at the target or by slicing the target by spreading the legs.

How to Farm Warframe Toroid - Calda Toroid

Calda Toroid is one of the Warframe resources that can be obtained by destroying the enemies. On defeating the enemies, it will drop 20 percent of Warframe Toroid from the Scyto Raknoid. On doing all of a Profit Taker, it will turn the endless spawn Corpus Dropships. Hence, you don’t require a beacon to hit an alert at level four because it drops the ships and brings you more enemies to fight on the battlefield.

Warframe Toroid

Scyto Raknoid

Scyto Raknoid is one of the medium-sized Raknoid creatures that can be found in the Orb Vallis. This Raknoid will only spawn at level 4 through the Reinforcement Beacons.

The Sac on the back of the Raknoid will store a glue-like fluid that consists of various kinds of attacks. Apart from this basic ranged stream, the Raknoid is capable of covering a large coverage area to slow down the enemies.

Furthermore, it can use a hook to pull the opponents close and destroys the tethermine that is attached to the target. Also, it detects the players who are invisible through a radial ring and allows them to attack the invisible players.

On attacking the players, the health will be reduced to half and the glue sac will be exploded. Furthermore, it will temporarily shut down during the animation is invulnerable. Then it will recover rapidly and resume attacking.

How to Farm Warframe Toroid - Sola Toroid

Sola Toroid is another Warframe Toroid type that can be obtained from the enemies around the Temple of Profit. It has about 20 percent of the chance to drop resources form the Kyta Raknoids.

Warframe Toroid

You can directly go inside the targeted area and try to attack one of the opponents to drop down a Reinforcement Beacon. Then wait till the Reinforcement beacon hits the alert level four. Now, the unlimited opponents will spawn. However, they will increase in the higher levels quickly but eventually hit a level cap based on the tier and end the increasing further.

Kyta Raknoids

Kyta Raknoid is a medium-size Raknoid creature that comes in yellow color. It can be found in the Orb Vallis and spawns at Alert level 4 through the Reinforcement beacons. It has some special attacks like spawning an Electricity mesh that harms and staggers everything in its proximity.

Magnetic radial laser harms are similar to the Danse Macabre, Revenant’s, a teleport ability and become invulnerable transportation to the nearby location. Further, this ability will give itself over shields that can be used once its standard shields ability has been reduced by a significant amount.

How to farm Warframe Toroid - Crisma Toroid

“A device of undetermined function and origin. Prized by Vox Solaris and the Quills”.

The Crisma Toroid is one of the Warframe resources that can be acquired by defeating the Profit Taker Orb in the Orb Vallis during Phase 4 Heist. Redeeming this Warframe Toroid will award you 6000 Syndicates with Vox Solaris. Two are used in crafting the weapons Larkspur and five are used as a sacrifice to rank Vox Solaris as Rank 5 Shadow.

Warframe Toroid

Profit-Taker Orb

“I am patient,
I am still.
When I descend,
It’s you I’ll kill.”

Profit-Taker Orb is a huge Raknoid creature in Warframe that can be found in the Enrichment Labs at the Orb Vallis on top of the building. It acts as the ruling faction of the landscape. This creature can only be engaged with the Vox Solaris during the Heist. The orb valis includes Sentient technology within the shield and protected by a durable carapace that is invulnerable to the players.

Bottom lines

At the highest alert, opponents will begin to spawn seamlessly and the level will increase gaming performance when you are at a higher level. We hope this farming guide might have helped you to farm the Warframe Toroid to build Warframe Garuda. If you have any suggestions or queries, please leave your thought in the comment section. Thank you!

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