Warframe Kuva Farming Guide

"A mysterious red fluid converted by the Grineer Queens."

For the weapon variant, see Kuva.
For the enemy, see Kuva Lich.

Kuva is a special resource in Warframe that can be obtained with the help of Operator Void from the Kuva Siphons. It can be found on the planets that are nearer to the Kuva Fortress, This can be unlocked when you complete the War within the quest. This Warframe resource will be used to craft Warframe Weapons and Warframe Builds, but how to obtain them? In this post, I’ll guide you on how to farm Warframe Kuva. Without any further ado, let’s get into the farming guide.

Warframe Kuva farming

Kuva is an essential resource in Warframe that can be acquired by completing the “War within quest”. On completing the quest, it will send you an amazing story and let you unlock the potential of the operator. Once you walk through the quest, your ability will be unlocked and you can obtain Kuva.

Purpose of farming Kuva

Warframe Kuva can be used for crafting equipment that you wish to use the weapons like Twin Rogga, Orvius, Zarr, Kesheg, and Tatsu. To build these weapons, you need to farm Kuva. Also, with the use of Kuva, you can craft Warframes like Octavia, Harrow, Garuda, and Nidus.

However, the main purpose of farming Kuva is to cycle stats on Rivens. These are powerful mods that can be used to construct weapons and Warframe builds. To cycle the Riven stats, you should have Kuva as your Warframe Resource.

How to Farm Warframe Kuva?

If you are a new player, you might wonder how to farm and where to get Warframe Kuva in your gameplay. Generally, Kuva can be farmed on the planets that are nearer to the Kuva Fortress. You can find the resource Kuva on the planets like:

  •  Kuva Fortress
  •  Kuva Siphon
  •  Kuva Flood

Warframe Kuva Farming - Kuva Siphon

Kuva Siphon is one of the modified missions in Warframe. In this mission, you should battle with your enemies that drop Kuva. This mission is a quick mission where you’ll find your enemies around the level 25 to 35.

Kuva Siphons are Grineer machines that can be found in the non-endless modified mission that is on the planets nearer to the Kuva Fortress. Further, Siphons are the harmless opponent that will not directly harm the player’s weapons and ability.

The only function of Siphon is to collect and store Kuva using the energies of Tenno. This can be obtained by Kuva Cops that includes Kuva Jesters and Kuva Guardians.

Warframe Kuva Farming

To access the Kuva Siphon mission, you need to complete the “War within the Quest”. Follow the steps to access the Kuva resource in your game.

  • Find the harvesting machine that is highlighted by a Kuva marker along with the rooms that are nearer to the reddish-pink hue.
  • Now, wait for the machine to start impressing the Kuva.
  • Locate the Kuva lich approaching machine from the room using Synthesis Scanner or Codex.
  • Then, switch to the Operator and Void dash via the Kuva cloud. This will destroy the active opponent.
  • Repeat the process for every Siphon.

Warframe Kuva Farming - Kuva Flood

Kuva Flood is more or less similar to the Kuva Siphon. But, you’ll find the enemies only around the level 80 to 100. Instead of getting a normal amount of Warframe Kuva, you’ll get double the amount as your reward.

Warframe Kuva

A successful Kuva flood will reward you with double the amount of Kuva compared to the Kuva Siphon. This results in rewarding 1200 to 1400 Kuva.

Note: Kuva Floods and Kuva Siphons are quite similar to each other except their rewards and the enemy levels. The Kuva Siphon will be invulnerable and is guarded by opponents that spawn frequently and try to kill you while the Siphon is still alive.

Warframe Kuva Farming - Taveuni Mission

Taveuni is a Survival mission of Kuva Fortress that allows the players to farm Kuva that are similar to the excavator. This mission is similar to a normal survival mission whereas you can start it out as a normal mission, but later you need to modify the mission to Kuva Harvesters. It is one of the best places to farm Warframe Kuva.

Warframe Kuva Farming

Taveuni has high-level forces that go against the players and increase the force in levels you stay longer in the game. When a life support capsule that is sent into the mission, the Eximus opponent will spawn. When you kill your opponents, they will drop the Kuva Catalyst. However, only one Kuva Catalyst will be held at one time. This catalyst will force you to hold your weapons.

Note: While holding the Kuva Catalyst, if you switch to the main weapon of your build, it will drop the Kuva Catalyst. If the Kuva Catalyst transforms into the Kuva Harvester, then you’ll receive 200 Warframe Kuva in your gameplay.

Bottom line

There are many different ways to farm Warframe Kuva. The above-mentioned missions are some of the guaranteed places that provide a large number of Kuva as a reward in your gameplay. Get Warframe Kuva as your reward and build your Warframe and weapons.

I hope that this article has helped you in farming Warframe Kuva. For further queries, feel free to comment below!

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