Warframe Hidden Messages Quest

In update 14.0, Warframe community has introduced an optional myth quest called “Hidden Messages” in the game. Completing the quest will reward you three parts to construct Mirage Warframe. Looking for a guide to complete Warframe hidden messages quest? Then this guide is for you.

How To Get Warframe Hidden Messages Quest?

To unlock the hidden messages quest, one needs to complete the Sedna Junction from Pluto. Also to begin this quest you can buy the hidden messages blueprint from the marketplace for 1500 credits and craft them in your Foundry.

Resources To craft the Hidden Message Blueprint

  • 5 Orokin Ciphers
  • 5000 credits
  • 4 Oxium
  • 1 Argon Crystal

How to obtain the resources

  • Orokin Ciphers - Obtained from the Orokin Derelict Vaults.
  • Argon Crystals - It can be obtained for doing void missions and boss battles.
  • Oxium - obtained for doing corpus mission.
  • Credits - obtained for completing missions and selling the resources.

However, this crafting process takes about 6 hours to complete. Once the process gets over, you can unlock and select the hidden message quest from the Codex.

Note: From Update 22, the hidden messages blueprint and its requirements are removed from the game. Hence, you can now simply begin your Warframe Hidden messages quest from the codex without crafting.

How to begin Warframe Hidden Messages Quest?

The hidden messages are accessible in the Codex. You need to activate it in order to start heading out on the missions to find the parts of Mirage Warframe. This is not like all missions, you need to figure out the next landing place based on the riddles left as a message.

If you don’t have any knowledge about the riddles, we’ve detailed for your better understanding. Just, ahead to complete the quest.

Riddle 1 - Olympus, Mars

Once you enter into the Warframe Hidden Messages quest, Ordis who assist the Tenno will speak about the riddle he found in the crafted resource.


Unfortunately, the nature of the Orokin Artifact you just crafted is a mystery to me. I simply cannot fathom its use. All I can tell you was that it was inscribed with the following nonsense:

Three parts, three acts, three riddles for thee –
to revive the one wielding fantasy
Ancient gods so cruel, o
​​​​once ruled from on high
Can you name their peak where the land meets the sky?
Nothing in my database that sheds light on its meaning. You'd think the Orokin would have something better to do than scribble nursery rhymes on things. Oh well, I suppose not everything you craft can be of use.

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

This message contains a clue “Where the mission is”. Answer for this Warframe hidden messages or riddle is Mount Olympus. Hence, the first mission is on Olympus Mars.

Olympus Mars

It is a standard kill-off mission level 25 to 35. Once the mission is completed, you will get your first blueprint called “Mirage Helmet Blueprint”. Then, go to your foundry to craft the helmet. However, it takes around 12 hours to complete.

Riddle 2 - Calypso, Saturn

If you completed the helmet, Ordis will instruct you that he found another hidden message on the helmet. Check your inbox to view the riddle copy.


To think, Ordis thought that mess of words was nothing but the scrawling of some long-dead hack. You saw more. Now you have the Neuroptics for a whole new class of Warframe. Very impressive Operator.

Exciting news. Ordis found more writing on the inside of Mirage's Neuroptics:

To build the one you think witty,
seek the nymph who sang oh so pretty.
She lured him in with her song and grin,
his wife must've thought it a pity.
I have no idea what that means, though if I had to describe its literary merit I might use another word that rhymes with 'witty'.

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

The answer for this Warframe hidden message is Calypso, Saturn.

Calypso, Saturn

Calypso, Saturn is a survival infestation mission level 28 to 35. Once the mission is completed, you will get the second part of the hidden message blueprint called “Mirage System Blueprint”. However, crafting this system will take around 12 hours.

Riddle 3 - Charybdis, Sedna

The third and final hidden message on the quest will be given by the Ordis. It is about an ancient sea creature. Check your inbox, you’ll be provided with the messages as follows:


It is as if the person writing these messages wanted Mirage to be found. Within the newly crafted Mirage Systems, Ordis found this:

One more act before your prize is caught.
An ancient sea creature, take a whirl or not?
Look for the monster that swallowed sailors of yore.
Make a mistake and you're sunk. Nothing more.

That's the worst one yet! Though Ordis must admit, they are clearly referencing something. Operator, you appear to be good at this sort of thing, can you find the final blueprint?

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

The answer to this riddle is Charybdis, Sedna. It is a Sabotage infestation mission where you need to find the hives and destroy it.

Wait for the right time to hit because the hives are vulnerable for a particular period of time.

Charybdis, Sedna

It takes around 12 hours to complete the build. Once the mission is completed, you will get another hidden message blueprint called "Mirage Chassis Blueprint"

Now, Orids will again provide a message as:


You’re done! Mirage’s Chassis is complete. You have all three parts, the only thing you have left is to acquire the Warframe blueprint.
Predictably I found something else inscribed on the Chassis:

Three acts complete, the end draws near,
soon Mirage will cause fear.
Memory lost, to be reborn,
a new warrior rises, duty is sworn.
When will the operator be adding this Warframe to the Arsenal?

Ordis, Ship’s Cephalon

So, by collecting the components of Mirage: Helmet, System, and Chassis you can simply build the powerful Mirage Warframe in your game. But, it takes the standard 72 hours (3 days) to craft in the Warframe hidden messages quest.

Complete the quest, build your Mirage and begin to battle in the battleground.!

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