Warframe Farming

No matter how many times you play the game, you need to find one or more resources to find yourself. Have you ever farmed a resource in Warframe? In this guide, we will help you farm better resources in your gameplay. Let’s begin to farm.

What is Warframe Farming?

Farming is a key characteristic of Warframe which makes the game so rewarding. However, checking out the requirement list and farming a resource will make the players engage in the game for a long time.

Further, Warframe Farming is a straightforward process where a player is required to complete a particular quest repeatedly until you get the necessary components. However, farming for resources is a process. You can improve the process by using various methods like resource boosters and group creation.

Warframe Farming Resources

Resource farming is one of the essential parts of Warframe. Grinds all quests to build Weapons, Warframes, and equipment. This is why most of the people prefer to play this game. But finding the resources to build things will be inconvenient. So, for farming:

  • Pick the right mission.
  • Pick the right Warframe.
  • Pick the right spot on the map.

Resource list for Warframe Farming

Polymer Bundle

"A hard, thermoplastic casing invented by Corpus"

Polymer Bundle Farming, an essential rare resource required for crafting various things in Warframe.

View Polymer Bundle Warframe Farming Blueprint


"A revolting nanite-infested tissue mass"

Plastids are one of the hardest resources which looks like a carapace with nanites in Warframe.

View Plastids Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Various Electronic components"

Circuits are a rare type of resource that usually drop in quantities of 20 to 50. 

View Circuits Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Biotech sensor organ harvested from infested entities."

Neurodes are essential one for crafting equipment like Warframes, weapons, and various cosmetic helmets.

View Neurodes Warframe Farming Blueprint


"A jagged crystalline ore. Gives off radiant energy" 

Rubedo is glossy and bright red. This ore is one of the uncommon resources. It is found in quantities of 15 to 25.

View Rubedo Warframe Farming Blueprint

Nano Spores

"Fibrous technocyte tumour. Handle Infested tissue with caution"

Nano spores are unpleasant techno-biological parasite flesh that you need to add to the equipment while crafting. 

View Nano Spores Warframe Farming Blueprint


"High-value materials gathered from War salvage"

Broken metals and other materials will be gathered and stored in one place. It is found in the quantities of hundreds.

View Salvage Warframe Farming Blueprint

Orokin cells

"Ancient Energy cell from the Orokin era"

Orokin cells are rare cell which is filled with vibrant energy. It is found in quantities of 1 - 2.

View Orokin Warframe Farming Blueprint


"An amorphous solid. Possibly Orokin technology"

Morophics has no certain shapes. It is found in quantities of 1. 

View Morphics Warframe Farming Blueprint

Argon crystal

"A void based radioactive resource that decays every day it is out of the void"

Argon Crystal goes off after a period of time. After that period, it will disappear from the user’s foundry and will reacquire when needed.

View Argon Crystal Warframe Farming Blueprint

Alloy Plate

"Carbon Steel plates used to reinforce Grineer armor"

Alloy plate is nothing but combining the metals into one. It can be reusable and found in quantities of 50 - 150.

View Alloy Plate Warframe Farming Blueprint


"A rare lighter than thin air alloy of Orokin origin"

Oxium is a type of alloy is a tricky component to farm in Warframe. It is found in quantities of 7 to 12. 

View Oxium Warframe Farming Blueprint             

Detonite Ampule

"Researching the Detonite traces within could advance the weapon technology"

Detonite Ampule is a special component that is solely used to craft detonite injectors. Also, used during chemical research.

View Detonite Warframe Farming Blueprint

Neural Sensors

"Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design"

Neural Sensors are one of the rare components used to control augmentations that are specially designed for Grineer. It is found in quantities of 1-4.

View Neural Sensor Warframe Farming Blueprint

Control module

"Autonomy processor for Robotics. A Corpus Design"

Control Modules are uncommon resources. Mostly they are commonly obtained by defeating Hyena Pack. It is found in quantities of 1 to 3.

View Control Module Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Alloy pellets used in Grineer manufacturing"

Ferrite is mainly used for the Grinner. It is found in quantities of 50 to 100.

View Ferrite Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Tellurium is foreign to the Origin System"

Tellurium is a unique metal found within asteroids and deep rocks. It is one of the valuable resources which is used for the costliest items and equipment.

View Tellurium Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Found in extreme sub-zero environments, instantly freezes everything"

Cryotic is an element which has endless freezing abilities in Warframe. This component is used for crafting Warframe parts.

View Cryotic Warframe Farming Blueprint

Mutagen Sample

"Samples could advance the knowledge of Biological research"

Used to research organic and biological type of Weaponry by taking traits from the infested foes.

View Mutagen Warframe Farming Blueprint


"The soft metal used in microelectronics and energy weapons"

It is a type of metal which is used for Corpus weaponry. It is found in quantities of 2 to 3.

View Gallium Warframe Farming Blueprint

Fieldron Sample

"Destroyed Fieldron could be researched into super-heated containment fields"

A resource which is required to research the multitude of Corpus Weapons.

View Fieldron Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Mysterious red fluid coveted by Grineer queens"

Kuva is mainly used to cycle stat on rivens. Rivens are mods that used to creat powerful weapons.

View Kuva Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Consumed in the fusion to power-up existing mods"

Resource which is used to upgrade mods through fusion. It is usually found in small quantities.

View Endo Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Device with undetermined function and origin"

Toroids are a rare type of resource that are acquired in caves.

View Toroids Warframe Farming Blueprint


"Component that are used to reinforce the plated sheets to Grineer ships"

Carbides are resources that are used to reinforce metals. Also, used in upgrading, constructing, and maintaining the Rail-jack.

View Carbides Warframe Farming Blueprint

Cubic Diodes

"Vital Components used to create corpus photo-networks"

One of the rare resources mainly used for Corpus technology for crafting Rail-jacks.

View Cubic Diode Warframe Farming Blueprint

Cryptographic ALU

"Components that only appear in the vicinity of high-level outer orbit corpus facilities"

Special resource, used for crafting Razorback Cipher.

View Cryptographic Warframe Farming Blueprint

How to find the best place for farming a resource?

Every planet in Warframe offers a specific set of resources.

  • Go to the Navigation Hub in your Orbiter.
  • Choose a Planet. 
  • You’ll find a circular button at the bottom right of your screen. Click on it.
  • Resource list for that particular planet will be displayed on the screen.

However, all resources are not the same. So, make sure that you are farming the resource from the right place at the right time.

Or else, in the Global Chat, type “where [resource name]”. It will trigger an auto-reply from the chat-bot. This will guide you to find where the resource will applicable.

Do I farm solo or as a team?

From the first day of your gameplay, you need to farm in the Warframe. The first resource usually most new players come across is “Plastids farm”. This is used for building one of the most accessible Warframes “Rhino”. Unfortunately, the planets that offer Plastids are locked for the new players.

Looking for a solution to unlock the farm? Warframe allows the players to enter any location on the start chart if one of the team members have access to it. So, if you are a beginner, you can find your squad member from the Recruiting chat. The formats used for recruiting teammates are:

  • H> [Neurodes] farm 2/4 - refers that “I've two members out of four in a team, planning to farm Neurodes”.
  • LF [Neurodes] farm - denotes that “Looking for a team to farm Neurodes with”.

However, coordinating a team is the most optimal way to farm a resource in the Warframe. So, if you are unable to form a team, farm a solo run, but make sure to set your mission to Private. If you have a desired number of squads, you can explore what role each of you can play in the mission.

Ideal Warframes for farming a mission

Various Warframes and Mods offer some special benefits for resource farming. Here are some of them for your knowledge:

  • Desecrate ability of Nekros will activate the chance for dead foes around him to drop additional force.
  • Prowl ability of Ivara will allow her to make nearby foes drop a random item from their stockpile.
  • The mod like Pilfering Swarm on Hydroid will double the amount of rifle dropped by foes will be entrapped by the Hydroid’s tentacles. This will be activated using Hydroid’s passive ability.
  • The Pilfering strangle-dome mod on Khora will activate the chance of foes who are affected by the strangle-dome ability to drop additional force.
  • Ore Graze mod on the Atlas build will make foes affected by his ability to drop the additional rifle.

However, the most commonly used for farming is a team of Nekros, Hydroid, Nova and the fourth might be either Trinity or Khora. While Trinity and Nova do not offer direct benefits for farming. A speed based Nova will speed up the squad and the Trinity can provide health or energy to the squad for a longer farming period. In case, if you choose Solo survival farm, Hydroid will offer you the most benefits while on gameplay.

Credits and platinum farming

Credits and Platinum are the in-game currencies in Warframe. They can be farmed effectively in Warframe. Do you know to farm credit and platinum in your game? Below, we have guided how to farm them in your game.

Credit farming

When compared to Platinum, Credits are quite easier to obtain. Hence, on every mission, you will get varying amounts of credits while on your gameplay. 

So, what is the best way to farm them? The Index. It is an arena-style mode situated at its own node on Neptune. For this, you need to invest a certain number of credits and earn twice as much depending on the difficulty or risk mode chosen.

Platinum Farming

Platinum Farming is pretty complex. If you go for Platinum purchases, you may run out of money in your game.

Final words

In Warframe, one of the great ways to farm resources is with an integrated team, with resource boosters and with the right team members. The 30- day resource booster in the game will offer the best prices for you. With that, you can recover your platinum costs within a week.

Optimizing the farming strategies will ensure that the process is tedious. Hope, this Warframe farming guide will help you for sure.