Warframe Credits Farming Guide

In Warframe, Credit is commonly used as a currency for purchasing Warframe Blueprints, Weapons, and other equipment for mod fusion and for crafting numerous items. But how these credits can be obtained? Are you new to Warframe? Looking to figure out the best way to farm Warframe credits? Then you are at the right spot. In this blog, I’ll guide you on how and where to farm Warframe credits.

Warframe Credits Farming

In Warframe, Credits can be acquired in many ways like loot from enemies, selling items that are not in use, rewards from missions, and other actions.

Whenever a player completes a mission, the player will be rewarded with credits depending on the difficulty of the mission. Also, you can receive a team credit bonus that is equal to one-tenth of the base mission that multiples by your teammates in the Warframe. Furthermore, you can even obtain Credits by breaking containers and lockers.

How to farm Warframe Credits?

Having a reliable resource for credits in the initial, mid, and final game is one of the most essential things in Warframe. Everything you craft in your foundry requires credits, every platinum that you trade in your gameplay requires credits, and everything you purchase for your gameplay requires Credits. However, depending on your current position in the game, different strategies are there to obtain credits. Here we go with them.

1. Double credits on the first mission of the day - Warframe Credits Farming

When you begin your daily grind in Warframe, the first mission that you complete after the Daily Tribute will provide you with the double credits. This is considered as Daily First Win Bonus. Hence, I suggest you a solo run of a single extractor on Pluto mission called Hieracon. The Single extractor requires around 3 to 4 minutes as a traveling time to exit the game. Through this, you can yield 50000 credits in your Warframe.

Are you a new player? Don’t have access to Hieracon? Choose a Dark Sector mission as your first mission in your game. The Cholistan on Europa and Gabii on Ceres are good alternatives, but rewards fewer Credits compared to Hieracon.

Warframe credits farming

In case, if you are at the final game, then you can plan the last attacking mission on your game. On starting your day with the last mission, you will be rewarded with 100,000 credits. For the veteran player, there will be a Profit-taker that rewards you with 250,000 credits on your initial mission of the day.

2. Dark Sector (Early game) 

When you are limited to the early planets of the star chart, then the options to farm Warframe Credits will be restricted. However, the excavation mission (Tikal) on Earth will reward you with 12,000 credits. The Survival mission Gabii on Ceres will reward you with 20,000 credits for the first five minutes. Another dark mission that offers more Warframe credit is Hieracon on Pluto.

3. The Index (Mid Game) 

If you are at the planet Neptune, then start playing the mission Corpus arenas which is called the Index. It is a very special spot to farm Warframe credits in the middle of your game. On such a location, you can place a bet on winning the mission.

There are three various hard levels in the Index: Low, Medium, and High. At a low level, you can bet 30,000 credits. Upon winning the bet you’ll be rewarded with 105,000 credits. On medium level, you can bet 40,000 credits.

If you won the bet, you’ll be given 175,000 credits. In the hard level, you can bet 50,000 credits. Upon winning the game, you can get 250,000 credits. In case, if you lost your game, then you’ll lose your credit points that you bet with the opponents.

In the Index mission, you need to defeat the opponent squad by picking the admiring diamonds that help to kill the opponents. A player needs to bring the diamonds to your location to score the index points. At a low level, you should score 50 points.

In the mid-level, you should obtain 75 points, and at a high level, you need to get 100 points. If you carry many index points then you will be provided with the bonus Index points. But, carrying the index points will reduce your health.

The easiest Warframe for the Index is Rhino for high strength and duration. Rhino’s Iron Skin will protect you with good health and the Roar of Rhino will amplify the damage. Even you can use Nova which is commonly known as Slowa.

It slows your opponents with Molecular Prime. Similarly, Ash, Mesa, Nezha, and Trinity are very popular builds to play. Hence, if you found your Weapon and Warframe build for the Index you can Farm Warframe Credits without any hassle.

4. Profit-Taker (Late Game) 

On defeating the Profit-Taker Orb, it will drop 125,000 credits. If it is considered as your first mission of the day, then your current credit will boost and drops 500,000 credits. If you are lucky, using Chroma Effigy you’ll get 1,000,000 credits.

It is a late-game Warframe Credits Farming where you have to rank Old Mate with the Solaris to access the fight. It is a Phase 4 Profit Taker Heist that requires you to have a modded arch gun with the Gravimag.

Warframe Credits Farming

Further, the Profit-Taker Orb is commonly called as “Knockdown simulator” as there are many Corpus that will defeat your Warframe while attacking the boss. The boss battle is split into four phases that require shooting pylons, down shields, and gravimag to destroy every part of the boss.

Taking down Profit-taker’s shield is a unique one that is vulnerable to every single random elemental damage type for a limited time period. You can force yourself swapping to a new elemental shield by shooting it with your operator. Hence, you have to bring many elemental combinations as possible.

The best way to battle against Profit-Taker Orb is, equip Chroma Prime. Chroma Prime will come with lots of strength and powerful duration.

Bottom line

Farming Warframe credits is not the hard thing if you know have gained knowledge on how to farm Warframe credits efficiently. Buying things from the market or selling unwanted items with other players will provide you with a great stock of credits. I hope, the above-mentioned techniques will help you to farm Warframe credits. If you have any other location to farm credits, then leave a comment below!

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