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Best Mouse Grip For FPS Games

An essential but unexplored part of an accurate and smooth gaming experience is the mouse and the kind of grip you have on it. Having a precise mouse grip is a must when in an intense gaming session, as one wrong move will cost you. Today there are special mice designed and created specifically to […]

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Best 1150 Motherboard For Gaming

Gaming PCs have never left the worldwide web presence and will not leave anytime sooner. Real gamers still prefer playing games on PC because you can make options and customize all the settings as per your wish. You can even create your PC, but that needs excessive precision and knowledge. Say, if you create the entire […]

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Best Ethernet Cable For Xbox One

The electronic gaming culture of today is predominantly rooted in the online world. To keep up and play online with and against your mates, multiplayer games enable you to secure and fast internet connection. To store all your progress on the cloud and keep your game up to date, even single-player games require an internet […]

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Best Graphics Card For 1080p 144hz

Gaming’s essence lies in the quality of visuals and sound that we experience while playing. This is exactly why monitors with better FPS and better visual quality should be used while gaming. Currently, the best gaming monitors are the 1080p 144Hz monitors, which are considered the best for their HD definition, smoother and faster refresh […]

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Best Claw Grip Mouse For Gaming

If you own a laptop, then the mouse doesn’t make much of a difference because the touchpad wonderfully performs all the functions. But, for a PC set-up, you need a good quality grip mouse that is durable and fast-moving. This article will review some of the best claw grip mouse you can buy this year.Before […]

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