Best Warframe Builds

Want to a create Warframe build of your own but not sure about where and how to start from?... Well, it’s quite understandable for such a complex game. Warframe is an absolute and fantastic game, that can be very profuse to the newbies to start with. It is free and fun to play third-person shooter game with a decent amount of RPG elements. At the beginning of your journey, you will be given three options of three frames. You can choose as you wish, but I would recommend you go with the Excalibur frame as it will be easier to understand and to create your warframe builds. Just remember that this game is full of choices so choose them wisely.

What is Warframe build?

Warframe build, it’s all about stacking with mods that augments the frame's key features and abilities. When you are into the game and as you progress further the game is going to get harder and this is where modding comes in. Modding is about how you customize your warframe build and weapons that suit your playstyle, as it will enhance the abilities of that particular warframe. There are over 500+ unique mods available, choosing the required mods to create a Warframe build doesn’t seem that easier. 

To help you with this and to save your efforts of trying up every mod and experimentation for the addition of damage multipliers, and other feature enhancement, we have collected the best Warframe builds for each Warframe. Each Warframe build will contain  2-4 build configuration with a detailed rundown of abilities, stats, mods and a quick guide of how they work.

How to equip mods to create a warframe build?

You can create builds for your Warframe, weapons, companions, Archwings inside the Arsenal. Now, all you need to do is select the part of the equipment you want to configure and click the upgrade option. This will take you to the modding screen where you can equip the mods to create the Warframe build. 

Remember that, you will be given access to create 3 different configurations of mods for each Warframe, weapons, companions, and Archwings. So pick three builds that suit your gameplay. You can switch between different build based on your mission type. If you want to add any new Warframe build then reset any of the previously configured one and start to configure it with the new one.

Warframe Mods

Mods are the upgrading systems that are main and essential features to create a Warframe build. These mods are available in the form of special cards and are used to enhance damage, survivability, speed, power, precepts, and utility. 

Expand the polarity and capacity of your Warframe Build

For each warframe build configuration, you will have 10 slots. 2 at the top followed by two rows each having 4 slots. The top 2 slots are special slots and are used for aura mods. Aura mods offer passive benefits to your warframe. The other 8 slots are equipped based on the polarities. The polarities and capacity of the mod slot can be changed with the usage of resources like Formas, Orokin Catalysts and Reactors. 

  • Forma - This is a special resource, which is used to change the mod slot polarity for any Warframe, weapon, companion. Using this you can add polarity to slots that have no polarity or can remove the polarity from the slot entirely. 
  • Orokins - Orokin Catalysts are used to double the capacity of any weapon and Orokin Reactors double the capacity of any Warframe and companion. 
  • Endo - Whenever you get a mod, it will outranked at the initial stage. In order to increase the power of a mod you must invest Endo and Credits into the mods. This can be done by a process called - Fusion.  Endo, it is a special and unique currency used for powering up mods. You can find this as a drop from enemies and in some missions you can find it as frequent drops.

Best Warframe Builds

Warframe Build Beginners Guide

If you are new to this game, then this video might help you to understand the concept of this game. This video gives you a brief introduction about the Game and Warframe builds. You can get an idea about the mod types, their features and how to equip them to create a warframe build. 

Wrapping up

We have mentioned you with all the essential things that are needed to create a Warframe build. This brief introduction part above is provided for the beginners. We hope that these guides have somewhat helpful for you. Each Warframe build in our page is handpicked and tested with the game. Hope it will be useful for you. Try out with our Warframe build suggestion and have fun with the space warriors. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us. 

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